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Why Scryptr?

Auditioning is an individual grind. It's fast, requires on-demand creativity, mental capacity, psychological focus, and confidence. There is work that has to get done, and then there is endless amounts of work that could be done. I created Scryptr to help actors level up their auditions as much as possible in the short time inevitably given, and to be a catalyst for consistent and evolving acting work - executed completely online and from anywhere. Scryptr is a malleable framework to empower actors with an evolving system that supports them through audition preparation, as well as in their creative evolution as a performer. With Scryptr, create protocols that can be run so that tedious tasks can be performed effortlessly, leaving room for the more creative aspects of your preparation so you can bring more of what makes you unique as a performer to as many audition rooms as possible.

Iain Belcher

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8+ Years acting in BC with 28 credits

Acting for Film & Television Diploma - Vancouver Film School

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications - Royal Roads University

4+ Years Acting Instructor & Coach

2+ Years Casting Experience - Kris & Kara Casting


For writers looking for script notes, edits, ideas, and concept feedback